The main goal of the N&A’s Project Management services is to increase the chances of its clients to meet the deadlines, costs, quality, scope and security objectives established for the project.

Among the services provided by N&A related to the scope of Project Management, we can highlight:

  • Overall Project Management (Engineering, Procurement and Construction);
  • Owner Engineering;
  • Project coordination;
  • ProcurementManagement;
  • Construction supervision;
  • Planning and Schedule Management;
  • Budgeting and Cost Control;
  • Commissioning Management;
  • HS&E Management (Health an, Safety and Environment);
  • QA / QC management;
  • EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management).

N&A continuously invests in the development of Methodology, Tools and People, fundamental elements for a quality management that add valueto the project.

The project management methodology applied by N & A is documented and consolidated in the Project Management Manual (MGP), which was developed based on decades of experience of its directors and employees, based on the best practices recommended by PMI (Project Management Institute),an organization that brings together the most advanced techniques in the world, working in the ten areas of knowledge that cover a project.

Utilizing systems and procedures for technical and operational control, pre-defined but customized to the client’s procedures (tailor-made) with a team of suitably qualified professionals composed of engineers, specialists and technicians with vast experience in engineering and management. N & A is prepared and able to meet project management requirements, complying with time, cost, quality and HS&E requirements in project execution focusing to meet the required safety, operation and maintenance standards.

The main tool used by N&A for project planning and control is GEN software, developed in-house by N & A, and is the result of more than 40 years of its founders’ experience in project implementation.

GEN is a system composed of integrated modules through which it is possible to:

  • Planning the project (WBS definition, schedule, budget, cost control and schedule measurement criteria);
  • Procurement Management (request for quotation, purchase orders, service orders, accounting and invoicing);
  • Financial Management (payments, cash flow, accounts payable and receivable);
  • Schedule and Progress Management
  • Generate management reports (cost control, physical progress, Procurement follow-up, earned -value analysis, physical progress report etc.)

Based on the best practices and techniques recommended by PMBoK, GEN has an objective to manage portfolios, programs and / or projects in an automated, integrated and real-time manner with the following main characteristics:

  • Easy customization by tailoring to meet customer information needs;
  • Utilize a single project database to avoid duplication of information and streamlining access to project information;
  • Integrates project information to generate different report detail based on levels of hierarchy (Upper Management, managerial and operational);
  • Integrates and communicates with other commercial software, such as MICROSOFT PROJECT and PRIMAVERA, to generate schedule and progress reports;
  • Integrates and communicates with ERP systems – EMS, DATASUL, SAP, ORACLE, SAPIENS, MICROSIGA, CLARITY, etc. by processing data imported from these systems.

In addition to the GEN, our team is high qualified to use other commercial software in the services execution, such as, but not limited to:

  • MS Project;
  • Primavera P6;
  • MS SharePoint;
  • MS EPM (Enterprise Project Management);
  • CA Clarity PPM (Project and Portfolio Management);
  • ERPs (SAP, TOTVS, etc).

N&A understands that the main capital of a company is people and, therefore, its policy is the technical valorization, training and welfare of its professionals, distinguishing itself in this way as a company that invests and encourages continuous improvement of its employees, as well as having an excellent working environment.

Commitment to the challenges of N&A-managed projects permeates the entire organization, from the company’s Board of Directors to the team directly involved in project management, all of whom are constantly trained and motivated to take ownership of the project.

Within a meritocracy policy adopted by N & A, this ownership posture and the positive results achieved in the project are evaluated and rewarded through participation in company profits and promotions, increasing the motivation, dedication and commitment of N & A professionals with their projects.

In the continues process of employees training , the PMO team, together with the N&A HR, plays a fundamental role in clearly defining the responsibilities of each professional in the project, identifying needs, providing training and in constant evaluation for continuous improvement.

With focus to the adequacy of the professionals to the needs of each project/client, N&A has a well defined process of mobilization of its teams: